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      Charizard Energy Frame

      Charizard Base Set Metal Replica Trading Card.

      Pick an alternative Trading Card below.


      Premium Pokémon Artwork

      Our Charizard Energy Frame is hand crafted by the team at It has a beautifully debossed flame backdrop with a carefully engraved metal plaque, featuring a silhouette cut out of fan favourite Charizard that pops to life using genuine Pokémon Trading Card Game fire energy cards. Our framed art pieces are the perfect gift for Pokemon fans. A truly unique piece to add to any collection.


      When the light captures the art piece you can see the stunning, debossed flame pattern that sits perfectly in the background.


      Extra special detail has been added to the metal plaque. We carefully engrave facts and statistics about Charizard to make you feel like you have your very own Pokémon.


      Give your frame that extra special collectors touch with a genuine Pokémon Trading Card or a metal replica version on selected designs.

      Choose Your Trading Card

      Charizard GX - Gold/Red Metal Replica


      Black Base Set Charizard Metal Replica


      018/172 - Charizard V Star Metal Replica


      017/172 - Charizard V Metal Replica


      SM211 - Charizard GX


      025/185 - Charizard Vivid Voltage


      010/178 - Reverse Holo Charizard Pokémon Go


      010/178 - Holo Charizard Pokémon Go


      Check out proj3cts reaction to our umbreon energy frame!