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      What Checks And Restrictions are in place?

      All PS5 consoles are strictly 1 person per household of either type. Please do not attempt to order more than 1 console of either type.

      We do our best to make sure our PS5 stock is sold fairly, this means we have some checks and restrictions in place to stop multiple orders. 

      1. We only allow card payments for PS5 consoles, this allows us to check the same card is not used across multiple orders.

      2. All orders are manually checked to ensure they are for a unique name, address and payment card.

      3. Our system limits PS5 consoles to 1 per account.


      Please do not create multiple accounts or supply the incorrect address for your payment card. Orders with the wrong address details will trigger our fraud system and any multiple orders will be cancelled.

       Cancellations and refunds result in fees to us from our payment providers. Because of this we have introduced an administration fee of up to £10 per order for any orders that we have to cancel as a result of the above rules.