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      Gengar - Pixzo Pixel Brick Frame
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      Pikachu - Pixzo Pixel Brick Frame


      Enjoy the fun of creating your Pixzo design with over 4,000 bricks!


      Endless fun is about to begin with 10 amazing designs to choose from.


      Hang your Pixzo on the wall or stand it up on the shelf! It's your masterpiece!


      Hours of endless fun is in store bringing your Pixzo to life.

      Pixzo has arrived!

      Prepare yourself for hours of fun with our pixel perfect frames. 

      Our large Pixzo art includes over 4,000 of our unique pixel bricks. Measuring in at 4mm, half the size of a standard building brick. This means we can fit double the detail in to the same area of other pixel art. Pixzo provides a higher resolution image containing far more detail than any other system. Our sharp pixel perfect images come to life as you build.


      • Over 4,000 pixel bricks

      • Pixel Placers

      • 29.5 cm x 29.5 cm Frame Size

      • Wall Mounting Fixtures Included

      • A3 Build Mat

      • Unique Pixel Sized Bricks 


      Pixzo pixel bricks are a unique 4mm size which is half the size of standard building bricks. 

      We developed the 4mm pixel bricks so we could fit double the amount into one frame. It helps create a sharper, clearer and higher resolution image.

      Pixzo is like viewing a 4K image compared to HD.

      Pixzo Pixel Brick
      Standard Brick

      Build Mat



      Frame Pieces

      Pixel Placers

      Wall Fixtures


      You will find all the essentials you need inside your Pixzo box.

      Use the Build Mat, which lines up perfectly with your plates to help guide you in the right direction when placing your pixel bricks.

      Over 4,000 pixel bricks are included, each bag is separated by colour and numbered to match your Build Mat. We include extra pixel bricks incase you need them.

      You'll need some Pixel Placers to save your hands when building your frame, our Pixel Placers can easily pick up each pixel brick individually and place them right where you need it to go!

      Our kits include a frame and fixtures that allow you to hang your finished Pixzo art on your wall or you can simply lean your frame on a unit or dresser, after all that hard work you need to show it off.

      coming soon...