New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)

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  • A Mario game for up to four players, featuring five playable characters; Luigi'00s first starring role in a platforming adventure, Super Luigi U, is getting the deluxe treatment too and comes packed in
  • A single Joy-Con controller is all each player needs; enjoy 164 courses for up to four players anytime, anywhere
  • Mario, Luigi and Toad are all here and if that'00s not enough, Nabbit and Toadette are joining in the fun as well; nabbit doesn'00t take damage from enemies, which can really come in handy
  • If Toadette powers up with a Crown, she transforms into Peachette; Peachette can double-jump, float slowly during freefall and get a boost back up if she falls into a pit
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch only